Our mentors

The role of our mentors is to create an open and honest relationship with a business person and offer an encouraging atmosphere, to foster new ideas and approaches, take on new opportunities and address any issues that may be challenging to discuss within this business.

All of our mentors are highly skilled and trained to deliver a supportive mentoring experience, enabling improved business performance. Here is a quick snapshot of some of our mentors from across Scotland.

Jeanette Forbes

Chief Executive, PCL Group

“Business Mentoring is about putting something back. Mentoring makes you think outside the box and in a world which is rapidly changing economically, we sometimes need someone with a different perspective to put us back on track and continue on our journey.”

Jeanette Forbes founded PCL after being made redundant from her job and she started the company from her dining room table in 2000. Jeanette is now CEO of the company which operates globally. Jeanette received the Best Mentor Award at the 2014 UK Enterprise Mentoring Awards. PCL Group is a total cabling and IT service provider to the offshore, marine, commercial, industrial and renewables sectors.

Bob MacDonald

Chief Executive, Wood Group Kenny

“Seeing businesses and people succeed it what drives me to do this. I’m a naturally driven person and am passionate about succeeding and helping others to succeed.”

Bob was operations director and now Chief Executive. He was brought up in Fyvie and Peterhead and has a vast experience of all things subsea. Bob has held varied roles including subsea engineering, project management, commercial support and engineering management. Wood Group Kenny is the world’s largest pipeline and subsea engineering and management contractor, operating in 5 continents with over 1200 professional staff.

Franc Jeffrey

Director, EQ Travel Management

“What you do is you ask them questions, and if you are doing your job well the questions you ask them will allow them to think how they can move forward themselves.” 

Franc, an expert business change specialist, considers his main business achievement, apart from starting and growing his current business, to be working for a family firm taking turnover from £20million to over £199million, and internationalising the company from the US to the UK and four other countries. EQ Travel Management is a major player in the highly competitive corporate travel market.

Chic McSherry

Chief Executive Officer, Big Red Digital

“So the first step is to give them a degree of confidence, that they are doing it right and they might just need to do it bit more to move things forward, that’s probably one of the most important things.”

Chic McSherry is a 10 year veteran of the Chambers programme, whose most recent IT services start-up iPort4business in Glasgow has a turnover of £2m, the “two way street” of benefit between mentor and mentoree satisfies a human need to share business problems, but without the complications and restraints arising from daily working relations or conflicting commercial interests.


“On a personal level, mentoring gives you the confidence to grow as a person. Our mentors have always acted as a sounding board which is a massive benefit when making tough decisions. The service is great because the mentors give guidance and support but the answers lie with us, the business owners. When my business went through Mentoring, we increased our turnover and went from 6 employees to 20.”
Dianne Drummond, Director, B-Dacs
“Business mentoring made the most difference to our business and growth. Our turnover increased threefold, with near similar increases in employment. Our mentor made a positive impact, especially on our outlook and on the shape of our business growth.”
Michael McGhee, Partner, Neo Environmental
“My turnover and profits have increased substantially and I would recommend mentoring without a shadow of a doubt. After each meeting with my mentor, I was like a wind up bunny and I’d go off and get things done! Not only did mentoring help me to increase my profit margins, it re-instilled my passion for the business.”
Susan Anderson, Creative Director, Eikon Design

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