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Scottish business mentoring

Scottish business mentoring is for ambitious businesses and social enterprises who want to realise their personal and business growth ambitions, giving them the ability to take their company to new heights. Business Mentoring matches experienced mentors who come from all business areas and sectors with growing businesses. By sharing the entrepreneurial experiences of mentors, this service gives the business the confidence to develop and grow, and opens up a great network of contacts that can open doors and inspire new thinking.

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Who is eligible?

Scottish businesses or social enterprises who are generating a steady turnover with the potential to increase turnover growth by £200,000 or more over a 3 year period can apply.

The support is available to companies on a one to one or group basis. There is a pool of over 960 mentors across Scotland with a wide range of skills and experience.

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Who We Mentor

Business mentoring enquiry

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“On a personal level, mentoring gives you the confidence to grow as a person. Our mentors have always acted as a sounding board which is a massive benefit when making tough decisions. The service is great because the mentors give guidance and support but the answers lie with us, the business owners. When my business went through Mentoring, we increased our turnover and went from 6 employees to 20.”
Dianne Drummond, Director, B-Dacs

“My mentor instilled more confidence in me generally, and also about the business and products we sell. We’re also now working at moving into export markets in the Middle East and China for our honey.”

Warren Bader, Plan Bee Ltd
“Business mentoring made the most difference to our business and growth. Our turnover increased threefold, with near similar increases in employment. Our mentor made a positive impact, especially on our outlook and on the shape of our business growth.”
Michael McGhee, Partner, Neo Environmental
“My turnover and profits have increased substantially and I would recommend mentoring without a shadow of a doubt. After each meeting with my mentor, I was like a wind up bunny and I’d go off and get things done! Not only did mentoring help me to increase my profit margins, it re-instilled my passion for the business.”
Susan Anderson, Creative Director, Eikon Design

Our business mentors

Mentors act as a trusted ally and a sounding board. Their role is to create an open and honest relationship with a business person and provide a confidential atmosphere to encourage them to feel confident to try out new ideas, address new opportunities or issues that are difficult to discuss within the business.

Mentors support business development by giving feedback to reinforce the business’ strengths and to help focus on those areas where the business wants to develop and grow.

Our Mentors

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